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Create Assignments

Assigner allows you to easily create courses and assignments. Assignments contain titles, details, handouts, web links, points possible and can be categorized using user-defined categories (such as "labs", "essays", "tests", etc). Due and assigned dates are shown in a bold, clear format for easy identification.


Add Handouts

You can attach any file on your Mac to your assignments. Assigner for iOS can link to your Dropbox account and attach any file you've stored in your dropbox folder. When you publish assignments, handouts under 10MB each are published, too. Open attachments quickly by double clicking or tapping on them.


Share Assignments

Assigner makes it easy to let students, parents and colleagues see your assignments. A single mouse click or tap will publish your assignments online and your account will build web sites with the information you've entered. Need to change an assignment? Changes made are instantly reflected online when you publish your work.


Mac, iOS and Web Sync

Using your account, you can wirelessly sync your Mac and iOS devices. Assignments created on one device are available on all your other devices. Assigner even transfers handouts, so classroom documents attached on your Mac can be quickly viewed on your iOS device.


Easy to use Web Interface

The clean, simple web interface focuses attention on the important information you've posted. Students will quickly see due dates, handouts and assignment information. Students can even create accounts and enroll in multiple classes to gather all their assignments in one place.


No ads, ever

Assigner will never show you, or your students, advertisements of any kind. The low cost of the app includes web space to host your assignments and files as well as technical support. AssignmentSpot uses the latest web technologies for security and harnesses the power of Amazon S3 to host and serve your attached files.


Quickly Copy Assignments

If you teach the same class multiple times or give the same assignments to different classes, Assigner lets you copy an existing assignment to another class with a single click. Don't waste time re-writing the same thing over and over again.


Categorize Your Assignments

You can create categories (along with a color for that category) to help you and your students know what type of assignment you've entered. You can use categories and bright colors to denote exams.


Familiar Tools for Power Users

Using the built-in keyboard shortcuts (listed next to the menu item), Mac users of Assigner can quickly create assignments, attach files and publish changes without ever taking their hands off the keyboard. The iOS app uses the standard methods for data manipulation. If you've ever used the Mail app on your iOS device, you'll become comfortable with Assigner in no time at all.

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Assigner is available from the Mac and iOS App Stores

Assigner for Mac

When you download Assigner for Mac, you can link to your Assigner account online to share assignments with your students. Try the service at no cost for a month and then subscribe for $1/month to keep using it.

Get Assigner from the Mac App Store


Assigner for iOS

When you download Assigner for iOS, you can link to your Assigner account online to share assignments with your students. Try the service at no cost for a month and then subscribe for $1/month to keep using it.

Get Assigner from the iOS App Store


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