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Main Planbook Window
Planbook for Mac is an app designed to enable educators to manage their lesson plans using an elegant, sophisticated application. Planbook is used by thousands of K-12 Teachers, College Professors, and Homeschool parents. Planbook is available for sale directly from or from the Mac App Store. Generous site license pricing is also available.

Below, please find the latest user guide for Planbook. If you prefer a printer or PDF version of this document, please use the print/export options on the left side of the screen. Any page may be printed and the entire book is also available as one large HTML page or as a PDF file. Please don't hesitate to contact me at with any questions.

Good luck and happy planning!

--Jeff Hellman (

What's New

How To Get More Help

Getting Started with Planbook

Viewing and Navigating Your Plans

Adjusting Your Schedule

Managing your Lessons and Days

Managing your Courses

Tracking Standards

Categorizing and Reusing your Plans

Printing, Emailing and Creating PDFs of your Plans

Making your Plans Available on the Internet

Planbook Preferences

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